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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a Simple Update

There isn't really anything huge to blog about in my current life, so I will just write a very simple update. Anna Sophia is growing so fast! She is doing so well with her sign language (she now says please, all done, more, and nods her head yes or shakes it no) It makes communicating with her so much easier! She is also turning out to be quite the little ham and loves to perform her cute little "tricks" for everyone (she loves to "tap dance"). She is talking more and more and especially loves to say my sister's name, "Tessa". Anna got a nasty little upper respiratory infection, but she is over it now and back to normal!
Dusty and I are doing great. We took Andrew to Chucky Cheese for his birthday on Monday and had lots of fun with that. Andrew gets really excited about the little things (winning only one ticket is as big a deal as winning ten) so he is really fun to take places like that. Andrew also got saved a couple Sundays ago, so praise the Lord!! I went to Dusty's church for the first time on Wednesday as his girlfriend. It was very exciting and everything went really well. Dusty was able to pray with a man from the mission where he works as he asked the Lord to save him. It was a good night!
Life is good at home, when I can be there. My car is doing great. I love her more and more every day! I feel like a queen (even though power windows and locks are probably required in a queen's vehicle LOL). I am planning on going to York on Sunday with Dusty to hear him preach all day. That should be really fun! Life has just been good. The Lord is good, always. I love to be able to look back and see a valley that the Lord has just brought me out of. It is a great reminder of just how GOOD HE IS to me!

"When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up." Psalms 94:18
Anna Sophia and I enjoying some morning snuggles

My new car, Greta von Gretelstein

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  1. Somehow I missed this one!! Anna Sophia is sooo cute and the reason she says my name is because I am her favorite adopted aunt ;)!! The Lord is so faithful and it's always nice to have a look back at what He has done. Love you honey!!


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