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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

So...It has been quite some time since I have had the time to get on here and update all three of the people who read my blog (LOL- it's totally worth it since I love those three so much!). These past few weeks have been busy and wonderful and I hardly even touched my computer, which made them even more wonderful! I guess I will start with Christmas Eve.
My family gets together on Christmas Eve for our immediate family's gathering. That included: Mom, Dad, Rhett, Erinn, Caleb, Trinity, Bryan, Tessa, Aiden, Bella, Abby, Savannah, Brian, David, Melanie, (Rebekah Dawn was there too, in the womb) Dusty, and myself. Christian, Stormy, and Ashtyn couldn't make it on Christmas Eve but they were there the weekend before when my grandparents came into town. Our family can be a pretty rowdy bunch when we all get together. We laughed and ate and ate and ate and opened presents. I realized this year just how awesome it is to watch children open gifts. The reactions are so worth the money spent! That evening, Dusty and I went to his friend's house for supper (I was too full to look at food).
Christmas Day was different this year for me. I didn't spend it with my parents, but they went to the mountains anyways. Dusty and I went to Columbia with his kids to see his mom and brother. We hung out there for a while, then we came back to Charlotte, cleaned my part of the church for Sunday services, then went to Shelby. His daughter and I had a sleepover in the neighbor's basement, and the next day we just hung out and enjoyed eachothers company. It was a good time. I had the whole week off between Christmas '09 and January '10. So I had a leisurely beginning of the week.
Then on Wednesday, Dusty and I went with the kids to Tennessee for a lock-in at the church where he used to be a youth pastor. He preached twice on Wednesday!! We stayed up until 7:30 in the morning! We rang in the new year with his good friends the Flemmings, and headed back to North Carolina on Friday. (Just to clear everything up I did have my very own room at the Flemming's house. I was the only one privileged enough to have a bed! LOL)
That Saturday, we went to the Cowpens National Battlefield and the outlets in Gaffney (I finally found someone who is a history nerd like me!) and ate at a little diner we have been wanting to try. We came home and played Mom and Dad's new Trivial Pursuit game (really fun). That's all. That is my vacation in a nutshell.
The Lord has been good to me this past year. He gave me a good job, a great group of friends at church, He has strengthened my relationships with my siblings and my parents, He gave me a wonderful man to lead me and teach me, and most of all He has shown me so many things that I really needed to learn. This year, I want to be a better listener, a better follower, a better daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, nanny, aunt, niece, granddaughter, and a better Child of God. My prayer is that I will grow leaps and bounds this year, and that all the glory will be given to God.

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3


  1. OOOOO, I loooove the new pictures! Very pebby! And by the way, we need to learn this song, remember when we heard it at that revival!?! Love you Nina!

  2. Good Morning AnnaMarie~
    I am so happy to meet you. I am gad you visited me today.
    I pray you have a good day and will trust God to keep your plates spinning:)
    Winter Blessings~

  3. PS~
    I visited your church~so nice. I do believe you must be Independent Baptist~right? I loved looking at your church web site. We need to work on that~we don't have one!
    It was nice visiting you today! I am a KJV~IFB too!


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