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Monday, February 22, 2010

Born to Nurture

It's amazing to me how many people question God's creation of the world and everything in it. I can remember when we dissected a sheep's brain in high school and looked at the shape and form of the skull that was made to house that brain. The perfect placement of every little hole and crevice for every little nerve and bump on the brain is so amazing that it could not have just happened that way. God created us exactly the way we are today. He made us perfectly. He made a perfect environment for us to live in. I believe that the Lord also created us with a specific task to perform. As I was getting our stuff together this morning to head over to Tessa's house, I turned the corner to find Anna Sophia "changing" her baby's diaper. I think that is amazing. A one and a half year old baby knows to change her baby's diaper. She was born with a natural tendency to nurture and care for people. I hope she never loses that. I can remember thinking as young girl that there is nothing I would rather do than be a mommy. I hope one day the Lord lets me have children of my own, but even if He doesn't I will nurture and care for my husband as best as I know how. (= What a wonderful job I have been given!!

She loves taking pictures

and changing diapers!


  1. Ohhh, I love her! How sweet! It is amazing how they are born with that instinct! How they automatically know how to hold their baby dolls like a real baby! Amazing! Love you!

  2. That is so crazy! She is changing diapers already. So cute! You have the coolest job Anna! :)


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