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Sunday, March 28, 2010

House Renovation Update!

Here are some pictures from the work done this weekend. We had three men from the mission helping us and they were a real blessing! Enjoy!

A little spray paint spruced this door up! And they made it so it won't fold in the middle (=

Sunny hallway! It was like a cave with the wood panels

Our BEAUTIFUL new {free} kitchen floors

This is the most exciting to me...my PANTRY! I can't believe I really have one! These things were stuffed into cabinets or onto the makeshift pantry {a bookshelf on the back porch hehe} This is so exciting and wonderful, I can't put it into words

A close up of our sunny hallway (=

Thank you Dusty for your diligence in getting the house ready for a woman to live there! I can't even put into words how great it makes me feel! Thank you Lord for providing everything we have needed to do this work!

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  1. Oh it looks great! Can't wait to be able to see it in person :)!


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