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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To ALL of my readers...before you give up on me...

I am writing this post as an apology of sorts.
It was brought to my attention that the pictures I put up came across the wrong way. Apparently the portrayal of affection was such that it gave an appearance of wrongdoing in our relationship. I want to assure everyone who reads this that Dusty and I are saving certain things (this is hard to convey without being too forward) until marriage. If my engagement pictures gave the appearance of anything else then I am truly sorry. We were trying to convey our love through the art of photography and we had my mother with us the whole time. We are doing our best to live for the Lord and we never want to bring dishonor to HIS name. I have removed the pictures until after we are married if I feel led to continue blogging. Please pray for us in these next 9 weeks until the wedding.
Anna Marie

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  1. Girl!!! You don't have to explain nothing to me! :) I know you. :) I didn't get to see them pics so I am sad but I can't WAIT to see them and you at your WEDDING!!!!!


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