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Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Exciting News

Alright folks, I have been waiting for confirmation before I blogged about this. So here is the news....Dusty and I are going to Colorado Springs, CO for our honeymoon!!!! His good friend is using his frequent flyer miles to pay for our plane tickets and hotel room. He and his wife are going to meet us at the airport and let us borrow their car while we are there. How sweet and exciting is that???? So Saturday after the wedding we are driving to Atlanta and staying in a hotel there, then we will go to the airport on Sunday morning around 4:45 am, where we will catch a ride to Colorado (=
I am so excited since I have never been there and we only have to pay for gas and our hotel room in Atlanta. The Lord has provided for us yet again (=


  1. How exciting!!! I hope you have fun, and if I haven't said it all ready: Congratulations, I bet you can't wait!

  2. WHOOT WHOOT! That is so exciting!!! I'm so happy for y'all. God is soooooo good!!!!


  3. Oh you will have a wonderful time, My daughter and her family are flying there tomorrow for 10 days to visit her in-laws.
    I am so excited for you!


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