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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'd Rather Be Fishing

So the other day I was thinking about fishing. I love fishing. I haven't been since I worked at summer camp and taught fishing camp for a week. So I pulled out my disc of pictures from fishing camp week, and it brought back so many wonderful memories of waking a bunch of whiney kids up before sunrise, forcing food down their throats in order to avoid sick and whinier children, getting in an old rickety van, driving to a local farmer's field, avoiding cow stampedes and aggressive donkeys as we walked through the field (not to mention cow piles), and finally arriving at the pond for a morning of fishing. If I didn't describe that in a way that made you want to do it one summer, then I apologize. But it was definitely worth it all. The cat fish and bass in that pond were pretty big, and the sunfish and blue gills were overabundant. After a hectic morning with spastic children, it was easy to unwind on the pond bank. If I had been living for the Lord then, it would have been a great time to reflect and pray.

I think I definitely need to go fishing again, although it is getting too cold now. I should add "likes to fish" to my husband list. Anyways, this post is kind of random, but I just wanted to put it out there that fishing is wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Here are some pictures...Yes I am wearing pants. This was wayyy before the skirt thing :)
I really like this picture...

This one wouldn't rotate...hmmm...big ol catfish though!

He was soooo excited about this one!

I did not like this part, but cleaning them was even worse :) stocked trout pond by the way, it was our supper

The kids got all the big ones...

And I got all the little ones... :)

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