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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is This Really Happening???

I have to say that this whole wedding thing is very surreal. Wednesday night was my last night as a member of my church. Wednesday was also my last day watching my sweet Anna Sophia. It was a little bit of an emotional day for me. The sheer enormity of the next two days is what brought me through it with my sanity still in tact.
Last night I packed for my honeymoon (almost completely packed!!) and packed a lot of the little things I had kept around "just in case". I think I went to bed around 1 this morning (=
Mom and I woke up (against our will) packed all of the food for the rehearsal dinner and the reception and headed down to the barn for some cleaning and preparations. When I got there my darling fiancé and some of the men from the mission had already put down the fresh sawdust/shavings and put out the rows of hay bales. It looked better than I even imagined!!! So April, mom, and I covered the hay bales with the blankets we had, cleaned up a little bit, and mom and April measured out and rolled up the burlap for my aisle runner. The rest of the decorating is going to be done by April and I CANNOT wait to be surprised!! (=
Tonight I made some sausage gravy and ate it over toast. My sweet niece Rebekah and her mom and dad are hanging out tonight. Tomorrow is the last day of preparations. Here is our schedule:
The kids have their awards ceremony at school at 8:15, then Mackenzie and I are coming back and getting our nails done, after that we are picking up my dress from getting pressed and then heading to the rehearsal/dinner. Saturday morning, I am getting up, showering (of course!), getting my hair done, and going to the barn. I am so excited!! I can't believe it's really happening!!
Anyways, I am so excited. I can't wait to be Mrs Brackett!
Here are some pictures of my last day with Anna Sophia. I love her so much! 18 months of my life were spent loving and nurturing her.

What a smile!!!

She loves her Magnadoodle

And she loves me too I think (=

She really loves rides in the car!

My going away gift from Anna and her brother, Jason. I love it!! (=

Tomorrow is the day before my wedding! How wonderful! I felt like this day would never come and here it is!!


  1. When my husband and I got married 25 years ago (Yikes!) his grandma gave us a framed poem called "Marriage Takes Three". My daughter is having it read at her wedding and I can tell that your marriage is going to have that...God, Dusty, and AnnaMarie. What a wonderful way to go into your new life...with such strong convictions and love. Ooooohhhhh so excited for you! In my thoughts!!

  2. Well, if I have the timing right, you are a married woman now. CONGRATULATIONS. I hope you have a great honeymoon.
    Sorry, no words of wisdom. This is all totally rocket science for me still, but that's the way it should be!!


  3. Girl, I had so many posts to catch up on!!! LOL
    Loved your gift...very special.
    Your house is looking great. I know you're excited about it.
    Your girls night out looked wonderful...especially with the KKs and musical (one of my favorites btw), and of course no girl's night is right without a guy there to do a facial mask with. LOL That was funny.

    Can't wait to see you!!



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