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Thursday, May 13, 2010

True Love...From my Perspective

I have had a sad situation come up with an old friend in my life. It made me stop and examine my past and present relationships and sparked a revelation of sorts. I realized that the things I did in the past to make my relationships worked were only futile acts. Why? Because it wasn't true, Godly love. Here are a few characteristics I came up with from my own personal experience that may help others decipher real, Godly love from infatuation, lust, or whatever it may be.
1. True Godly love never ever requires us to compromise our Christian morals.
2. True Godly love never separates or alienates us from our Christian family and friends.
3. True Godly love never causes us to question BIBLE principles.
4. True Godly love never brings reproach on the Lord's name and it never hurts our Christian testimony.
5. True Godly love never pressures us to do things we don't want to do or don't believe it is okay to do.6. True Godly love never takes us out of the Lord's will for our lives and I honestly believe if you are in the Lord's will you will be serving HIM.
7. True Godly love is unselfish. I honestly thought that love like this didn't exist. But it truly does. It is totally realistic and possible for a person to put their spouse's needs before their own but only if God is the glue that holds a relationship together.
That's all I thought of. I hate to think that there are girls out there who get sucked into relationships with "Christian" guys and things just aren't what they seemed. God has a perfect someone just for you! I'm glad He gave me my Mr. Right (=

P.S. It dawned on me today that after I get married I will not have internet at home....so my posts may be as sparse even after the wedding as they are now. Oh well...the Lord knows what He's doing (=

Happy Thursday....

Can you believe it??? Only SIXTEEN more days until the wedding!!! (=

P.S. Dusty's youngest boy Andrew refuses to give me a kiss until Dusty and I are married...we will see how he does that day LOL!


  1. That was a touching and lovely post. You are going to make a wonderful Christian wife in 16 days! YIKES! I'll bet you are just jumpin' for joy and so excited....I hope you are able to stay in the blog world some...There really is A LOT of bad out there on the internet but the people I've had the chance to meet (such as you) are so delightful and uplifting. Isn't so much about choices, huh? Godly good choices! :0)
    Have a great eve and Friday!

  2. What a good post. If we all used that as a guideline it would certainly help us to have friendships that helped us serve God, instead of drawing us to the world, and it would help all the singles to find a love that is from God and a happy marriage instead of being with someone because they are pretty/handsome or just plain fun.
    I can tell you are excited. I know you can't wait for the day to get here, but this excitement won't come again in your life, so enjoy it!


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