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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Crunch Time!!!

I wanted to post pictures but I don't have a camera :( and my sister is so busy that the pictures we took on Saturday are not uploaded yet. So....just use your imagination!
In case you haven't seen my countdown, we are 11 (that's right!!!!!) days out from the BIG day! At this time 11 days from now I will be getting ready to walk down the aisle in 45 minutes! How exciting is that??
So Saturday we had a work day with Mom and Melanie (my sister and MOH) and Melanie's sweet baby girl, Rebekah (she will be 3 weeks tomorrow!). We had a whole list of things to do and slowly got to check things off.
Things we did:
1. Made my bolero/shrug
2. Made my birdcage veil (can't wait to put up pictures of this after the wedding)
3. Hemmed my dress
4. Finished Mackenzie's dress
5. Cut out Melanie's dress
That may not seem like much on paper but I sure can rest easy :)

Things to do:
1. Sew Melanie's dress
2. Hem the boy's pants
3. Move as much as possible to the new house
4. Pack for the wedding/honeymoon
5. Finish bustling my dress
6. Figure out what kind of lipstick I'm going to wear??!!???
those are just a few...thankfully I have Mel and Mom organizing me LOL!!

This is definitely a fun and exciting (and sleepless) time!! Counting down the days...


  1. So excited for you and can hear YOUR excitement and joy in your words. Am sure you are busy busy busy!! Keep deep breathing and remember that it will all be fine....enjoy the moments....don't stress...it will all come together. It sounds like you have a wonderful supportive family so everything will be fine and then you can relax on your fun honeymoon in beautiful Colorado.

  2. Sound's like your gonna be busy!! Praying 4 y'all!!



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