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Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Moving Time!!

*True Love*

Here's an update for everyone: Dusty and I will not be living in our beloved trailer. It is bittersweet. The trailer is cozy. It is home. It has a 5 story tree house in the backyard and swings and a rabbit hutch and gardens and a workshop. Best of all it has a utility room. I love that! Not to mention my pantry....
BUT the Lord knew our needs were beyond those things. The house we are moving into has so much that we need. It has a separate bedroom for Mackenzie. A room big enough for all three boys. A huge master bedroom with a closet the size of Dusty's current bedroom {okay I am exaggerating but it really is a huge closet!!} A master bathroom with a jetted tub and separate shower. A very big kitchen with abundant counter space and a DISHWASHER!! Also it has a full sized range and oven. A chest freezer and a fridge/freezer combo. A dining room where we can eat real family dinners. A kid's bathroom. A basement with one side for a workshop {with a wood burning stove} and one side that has a bathroom and what could be another bedroom. Great cellar space for canning under the house. A deck and a yard with trees enough for each child to have their own tree house. We also get to keep what furniture we want. That includes a dining room table and chairs for our whole family, matching living room furniture and a recliner, gas logs, a twin bed w/ mattress and box spring, a pool table, and other miscellaneous items. All of this for what we were paying for our sweet single wide trailer. Isn't God so good? Dusty and I are so blessed and we truly don't understand why the Lord would show us favor. But we are thankful. We hope to start moving into the new house in a week. (= Pray for us!!

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  1. How exciting!!!!!!! I love to hear your updates...
    So happy to read such fun exciting news...I've been watching your countdown...knowing my daughter's wedding is close behind. I can tell you are so excited for your new future with a new family. Can't wait to see pics of that new home and wedding. I know you will miss your family moving and all, but your family is just extending and growing. God bless you!


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